Free Checking

Utility for managing your bank account's balance

Free Checking is a simple, single account checkbook ledger for Palm OS compatible handhelds. It is intended to serve as a replacement for the paper ledger books usually distributed with wallet style blank checks. Features include:

  • Shows ending balance or cleared balance
  • Full range of transaction types
  • Memory field for quick data entry
  • Automatic check numbering
  • Full range of sorting options
  • Filtered views for simple reports
  • Transaction purging by age
  • Search text fields using silkscreen Find button
  • Source code available upon request. GPL license

Version 1.1 is an essential update: All users should abandon v1.0 - Fixed bug which would cause loss of a transaction record when initiating a global find search from within an open transaction form. If you canceled out of the search, then canceled out of the editing form, the record's data would get zapped.

Free Checking


Free Checking 1.1